Born. 25/06/1935)

1959-2008 Operating an architectural office together with Dimitris Antonakakis

1965 Founding member of the Atelier 66
1971-1972 Member of the Administrative Board of the Association of Architects of Greece
1982-1984 Head of the Architects Department of the Technical Chamber of Greece
1982-2000 Member of the National Secretariat of the U.I.A.
1987-1988 Faculty member of the International Design Seminar (INDESEM), following an invitation by professor Herman Hertzberger to the School of Architecture, T.U. Delft, 1987, and Split, 1988
1989 Member of the 1988 Europan National Secretariat and Jury (U.I.A)
Works and articles by S. Antonakakis have been included in the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) V.P. & S.U. Virginia
1971 Translated: Le Corbusier – Entretien, Papazissis Publications
1988-2007 Regular contibutor with Ta Nea newspaper

1995 Corresponding Member, Académie d’Architecture, Paris
2007 Honorary Doctor of Aristotle University of Thessalonica
2010 Antonakaki S. – Thresholds, 100+7 Choreographics,
Ed. Futura, Athens
2016 Honorary Doctor of Democritus University of Thrace