Joan Busquets is the first Martin Bucksbaum Professor of Urban Design at the GSD. Prior to joining the GSD faculty, he was Professor of Town Planning in the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona from 1979 until 2002.
A world-renowned urban planner, architect and urban designer, Busquets served as Head of Urban Planning for the Barcelona City Council during the formative years, from 1983 to 1989, and in the preparations for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, including the New Downtowns for the City program and the improvement process for existing neighborhoods. In 1969 he was a founding member of the Laboratorio de Urbanismo of Barcelona and undertook a long-term research on squatter settlements in Barcelona and other Southern European cities, for which he received the Spanish National Award for Town Planning in 1981. Busquets has participated in strategic urban planning and design for the cities of Den Haag, Lisbon, Marseille, Toulouse, Rotterdam, Singapore, and Sao Paulo—most involving public-private partnerships-. Also completed architectural projects for the modern center of Trento, Italy; Villanova and for housing in the Maquinista development of Barcelona, Spain, and the City Center for Nesselande, Amsterdam and Delft in The Netherlands. His urban rehabilitation strategy for Toledo, Spain in 2000, and the publication Toledo y su futuro was awarded a national prize and the Premio Europeo Gubbio 2000, and similar rehabilitation strategy for the Cuitat Vella (Old Town) in Barcelona. Busquets has published many articles and books, including Barcelona: Evolución urbanistica de una capital compacta (1992), La urbanización marginal (1999), The Old Town of Barcelona: A Past with a Future (2003), Bringing the Harvard Yards to the River(2004), Aleppo: Rehabilitation of the Old City (2005), Cities: X Lines: Approaches to City and Open Territories (2005), New Orleans: Strategies for a City in Soft Land (2005), A Coruña: A Maritime City in the Port (2006),Cities X Lines: A New Lens for the Urbanistic Project (2007), Cidade Antiga e Novo Projecto Urbano/Old City and a New Urban Artifact(2007), Barcelona: the Urban Evolution of a Compact City (2014)Toulouse : Identité et partage du centre-ville,(2014), Manhattan. Rectangular Grid for ordering an island, (2018), Urban Grids. A Handbook on regular City, (2019).
He has participated as a visiting professor in London, Urbino, Rotterdam, Rome, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Geneva, and at the GSD, as well as on numerous juries for international competitions.
Professionally based in Barcelona since the 1970’s, Busquets born in 1946, received his degree in architecture (1969) and his doctoral degree (1975) from the University of Barcelona.