MAKI Fumihiko

■The date of birth and place 1928 in Tokyo
■Academic career
 1956-61 Associate Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
 1958-60 Graham Foundation Fellow
 1962-65 Associates Professor, GSD Harvard University
 1965-85 Visiting Critic universities in USA, Europe and Asia
 1979-89 Professor, Department of Architecture University of Tokyo
■Principal of Maki and Associates since 1965
 Registered Architect in Japan and Germany
Honorary Fellow JIA, AIA, AAS, RIBA and others
■International Awards
1987 Reynolds Memorial Award for Spiral
1988 Chicago Architecture Award
1988 Wolf Prize, Israel
1990 Thomas Jefferson Medal in Architecture, Charlottesville, Virginia
1993 The Pritzker Architecture Prize
1993 UIA (Union of International Architects) Gold Medal
1993 Prince of Wales Prize in Urban Design, Harvard University for Hillside Terrace
1999 Arnold Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1999 Praemium Imperiale, The Japan Art Association
 2011 AIA (The American Institute of Architects) Gold Medal
1964 Investigation of Collective Form: Washington University in St. Louis
2007 Nurturing Dreams
Collected Essays on Architecture and the City, MIT PRESS